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Practise a thousand Multiple Choice Questions Tests, in subjects as English, Arithmetic and Numerical Ability, Reasoning, General Awareness (General Knowledge), Computer Awareness, etc. You can set your convenient max. time for answering. Each Test contains 50 MCQs.

How to succeed in TIMEBOUND MCQ oriented tests? Ans: Speed is as important as accuracy. A common feature observed in MCQ Competitive Tests is, they will not give us adequate time to answer all the questions and recheck their answers. We have to click all the questions within the allotted time. Some Tests have negative marks for incorrect answers.
Striking a balance between speed and accuracy is not easy. Practice increases both accuracy and speed. First we should aim at 100% correct answers, even if such exactitude and perfection needs extended time. For this reason only, the MCQs set here have a flexible clock. You can start with as much maximum time as possible, to enable you answer all the questions, and as far as possible correctly. Once we attain reasonable accuracy and exactitude, we can start reducing maximum test time. After several months of practising, we may reach a stage when we can answer almost all the questions correctly at 75% of the time stipulated by the Testing Authority.


తెలుగు భగవద్గీత మూలం, అకారాది క్రమంలో. click
Indian scripture Bhagavad Gita, in Verses in alphabetical order pdf


ENGLISH. ROMAN SCRIPT. A BOOK OF 100 VERSES IRRELIGIOUS RENUNCIATION, by Great Indian Poet Bhartrihari (also known as Bhartruhari). English gist by ybrao a donkey. 14 A4 pages. printable pdf file. click

HISTORY OF INDIA Manusmriti Chapter 8, in Telugu script, useful for Indian Law Students.click

Is Indian Astrology scientific? A critical review by ybrao a donkey, in Telugu language. 8 page booklet pdf file, suitable to print on both sides of A4 paper.
జ్యోతిషం శాస్త్రీయమా ? ప్రింటింగుకు అనువుగా తయారు చేయబడిన పీడీఎఫ్ ఫైలును దిగుమతి చేసుకోండి.

WE UNDERTAKE ALL TYPES OF TRANSLATIONS IN THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGE PAIRS. మేము ఇంగ్లీషు , హిందీ, తెలుగులలో అన్ని రకముల అనువాదములను చేయుదుము. కావాలసిన వారు ఈ మెయిల్ లో సంప్రదించండి.

English from/to Telugu language. A language spoken by 100 million people around the world.
English from/to Hindi language. National language of India.

Current rate of charges: Rs. 100 per A4 size input page.

Email - Address to send input files such as doc, pdf, scans, audio, video files to : ybhask. [at] gmail.com.

SEARCH TELUGU LANGUAGE VERSES IN TELUGU SCRIPT, FROM A DATABASE OF ABOUT 12,000 VERSES మేము ఇంగ్లీషు , హిందీ, తెలుగులలో అన్ని రకముల అనువాదములను చేయుదుము. కావాలసిన వారు ఈ మెయిల్ లో సంప్రదించండి.

Click here to search for Telugu verses in Telugu Script, from a database of 12,000 Telugu verses.

Some of the Poets covered in this database are:--
*Bammera Potana
*Mukku Timmana
*Allasani Peddana
*Tenali Ramakrishna
*Pingali Surana
*Ayyalaraju RamabhaduDu
*BhaTTu MUrti
*Madayyagari Mallana

Click here to search for Sanskrit Vyasa Mahabharata nearly 1,15,000 verses in Telugu Script.


Current English Grammar, Usage, Vocabulary.
General Awareness (General Knowledge, often called G.K.)
Verbal Reasoning.
Sanskrit and Telugu Literature.
Indian Socio-Economic Issues.

Address to which questions can be sent: ybhask [at] gmail.com.