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1: SYNONYMS and ANTONYMS - Antonym of Remote:
344 a`approximate b`proximate c`ab initio d`et al --mouse here to see answers.

2: ENVIRONMENT: LA NINA may take place in __ Ocean.
9275 a`Atlantic b`Indian c`Pacific d`Antarctic --mouse here to see answers.

3: SYNONYMS and ANTONYMS - Synonym of Unguarded :
3113 a`sturdy b`robust c` is vulnerable d`muscular --mouse here to see answers.

4: NUMERICAL ABILITY: 7 children have to sit in 7 seats. What is the maximum number of ways in which we can seat them?
13221 a`4500 b`4050 c`5040 d`5400 --mouse here to see answers.

5: SYNONYMS and ANTONYMS - Synonym of Detach:
9601 a`Link b`Quarrel c`Lie down d`Unfasten --mouse here to see answers.

6: SYNONYMS and ANTONYMS - Antonym of Insecure is
15113 a`steady b`shaky c`wobbly d`disrupted --mouse here to see answers.

7: BANKING: SECURITISATION AND RECONSTRUCTION COMPANY can acquire assets even when disputes are pending with
16729 a`courts b`DRTs and DRATs c`any one or both d`.. --mouse here to see answers.

8: APPLIED Therapeutics - ETHACRYNIC ACID found some use in treating
14323 a`angina b`edema c`eczema d`emphysema --mouse here to see answers.

9: DERIVATIVES : Future Price - Spot Price is called
5757 a`fair price b`cost-carry c`strike price d`K --mouse here to see answers.

10: PHYSIOLOGY - BLASTOSPHERE is a term associated with
18099 a`infancy b`puberty c`intercourse d`pregnancy --mouse here to see answers.

dominoeffect=Effect of causal consequences
rockandrole=A popular dance
quintet=Group of five
freebie=Given free of charge.
malapropism=Comical misuse of a word
terminal=End point
convict=Declare guilty
dissect=Cut into pieces
dotty=Infatuated with Show Key