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ae - Aeronautics - African Geography - akz
al - Albumin infusions - amygdala - amz
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aq Aqua
ar Arithmetic
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Bj - Body Chemistry - Botany - Bt
Bu - Bz

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Declaration of Rights to Development
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Iatronic Causes to Identify the word
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Labelling Products to Law and Justice
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Paediatrics to Pathophysiology

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Religion to Retailers - to rz
Rhinoplasty to Russian History

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SEANAD EIREANN to Short Selling
Silicon Waffers to Sleep
Sobriquets to Space Research
Sulfinpyrazone to Suzzan Pet
From Sv - Synonyms - to Sz

Tacit to Terrorist Current Affairs
Thanatology to Three Gorges Dam
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1. ZOOLOGY - ANIMAL LIVING ON LAND AND WATER a) ambivalent b) amphibian c) amphibole d) ambidextrous Answer: b.

2. ZOOLOGY - ANIMALS WITHOUT ANUS - example : a) Leech b) Roundworm c) Earthworm d) Flatworm Answer: d.

3. ZOOLOGY - ANNELIDA AND MOLLUSCA - have a living fossil link of a) Archaeopteryx b) Peripatus c) Neopilina d) Coelacanth Answer: c.

4. ZOOLOGY - ANTETIOR SPINAL NERVE ROOTS - contain only motor fibres and posterior roots only sensory fibres. Th law : a) Magendie~s law b) Bell~s law c) a and b. d) none Answer: c.

5. ZOOLOGY - ARISTOTLE LANTERNS - occur in: a) Asteroidea b) Echinoidea c) Holothuroidea d) Crinoidea Answer: b.

6. ZOOLOGY - ATP - is : a) An enzyme which brings about oxidation b) A hormone c) A molecule with high energy phosphate bond d) A protein Answer: c.

7. ZOOLOGY - Aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration - common factor: a) Similar substrate b) Glycolys c) Pyruvic acid d) all Answer: b.

8. ZOOLOGY - Age of FISHES - known as: a) Devonian b) Ordovician c) Crustaceous d) Silurian Answer: a.

9. ZOOLOGY - Ancestral amphibians - were tetrapods that evolved during: a) Devonian period b) Carboniferous period c) Jurassic period d) Cretaceous period Answer: b.

10. ZOOLOGY - Argentaffin cells - associated with: a) Tumour b) Heart muscle c) Pericardium d) Pelv of kidney Answer: a.

11. ZOOLOGY - Ascar - first juvenile larva known as: a) Filiform larva b) Rhabditiform larva c) Miracidium larva d) Microfilariae Answer: b.

12. ZOOLOGY - BATS - wings are: a) Homologous organs b) Analogous organs c) Unrelated organs d) Vestigeal organs Answer: b.

13. ZOOLOGY - BILATERAL SYMMTRY - first phylum which shows: a) Arthropoda b) Annelida c) Mollusca d) Platyhelmins Answer: d.

14. ZOOLOGY - BIRDS - have; a) Left oviduct and right aortic arch b) Left oviduct and left aortic arch c) Right oviduct, left ovary and right aortic arch d) none Answer: b.

15. ZOOLOGY - BIRDS - wings are: a) Homologous organs b) Analogous organs c) Unrelated organs d) Vestigeal organs Answer: b.

16. ZOOLOGY - BRYOPHYTES - differs from pteridophyte in: a) Archegonia b) Lack of vascular tsue c) Independent gametophyte d) none Answer: b.

17. ZOOLOGY - BUTTERFLIES - wings are: a) Homologous organs b) Analogous organs c) Unrelated organs d) Vestigeal organs Answer: b.

18. ZOOLOGY - Bladder worm - a larva of: a) Obelia b) Silkmoth c) Taenia d) Nere Answer: c.

19. ZOOLOGY - Body organisation in Hydra - is of: a) Tissue grade b) Organ grade c) Cellular grade d) Organ system grade Answer: a.

20. ZOOLOGY - Botulinum toxin - a producer: a) Penicillium b) Aspergillus c) mushrooms d) Clostridium Answer: d. Clostridium botulinum.

21. ZOOLOGY - Botulinum toxin - example : a) Penicillium b) Aspergillus c) mushrooms d) Clostridium Answer: d. Clostridium botulinum.

22. ZOOLOGY - Bryophytes are: a) Aquatic b) Terrestrial c) Amphibious d) none Answer: c.

23. ZOOLOGY - CARBONIC ACID CONCENTRATIONS IN BLOOD - do not go up owing to presence of: a) Calcium b) Iron c) Potassium d) Sodium Answer: d.

24. ZOOLOGY - CENTROLECITHAL EGGS - laid by a) birds b) amphibians c) dipnoi d) insects Answer: d.

25. ZOOLOGY - CENTROMEREs - divides into two at stage of: a) Metaphase -I b) Prophase -I c) Metaphase -II d) Anaphase -II Answer: d.

26. ZOOLOGY - CLOSED BLOOD CIRCULATORY SYSTEM - can be found: a) only in humans b) vertebrates c) round worms d) shells Answer: b.

27. ZOOLOGY - CLUB MOSS - example : a) Selaginella b) Equetum c) Lycopodium d) none Answer: c.

28. ZOOLOGY - Capsule of Tenon - associated with: a) Eyeball b) Brain c) Skin d) Kidney Answer: a.

29. ZOOLOGY - Cell activities - controlled by : a) Chloroplast b) Nitochondria c) Cytoplasm d) Nucleus Answer: d.

30. ZOOLOGY - Cell ory - founder was: a) Wolf b) Rudolf Virchow c) Myen d) Schleiden and Schwann Answer: d.

31. ZOOLOGY - Centriole found in: a) Animal cells b) Red algae c) Prokaryotes d) Flowering plants Answer: a.

32. ZOOLOGY - Chromosomes contain: a) Protein only b) DNA and protein c) DNA, RNA and htone d) DNA, RNA, htone and non -htone proteins Answer: b.

33. ZOOLOGY - Community health services - handle: a) Control of communicable deases b) School and health education c) Awareness of clean environment d) all Answer: d.

34. ZOOLOGY - Contractile system in striated muscle - functional unit i : a) Cross bridges b) Sarcomeres c) Myofibril d) Z -band Answer: b.

35. ZOOLOGY - Coupling and Repulsion HYPOSIS for linkage - formulated by: a) Sutton -Boveri b) Bateson -Punnet c) Morgan d) none Answer: b.

36. ZOOLOGY - Cytopyge - found in: a) Paramecium b) Entamoeba c) Amoeba d) Trypanosoma Answer: a.

37. ZOOLOGY - DIGESTION AND CONSUMPTION - a starving person consumes first: a) Body fats b) Body proteins c) Vitamins d) Stored glycogen Answer: d.

38. ZOOLOGY - DIGESTIVE SECRETIONS WITHOUT ENZYMES - example:: a) Bile b) Gastric juice c) Saliva d) Pancreatic juice Answer: a.

39. ZOOLOGY - DIPNOI - belongs to class: a) pisces b) amphibia c) reptilia d) aves Answer: a.

40. ZOOLOGY - Drosophila - sex determination depends on: a) Y -chromosome b) X -chromosome c) Autosome d) b and c Answer: d.

41. ZOOLOGY - ECOSYSTEM - proposed by: a) Odum b) Tansley c) Whitker d) Goli Answer: b.

42. ZOOLOGY - EMBRYOS OF CHICKS - with 7 pairs of somites : a) 20 hours old b) 22 hours old c) 24 hours old d) 18 hours old Answer: c.

43. ZOOLOGY - ENTRIES IN GENE POOL - a mutation occurs in: a) Somatic cells b) Germ cells c) Plasma proteins d) Somatic DNA Answer: b.

44. ZOOLOGY - Egg laying mammals - example: a) Didelphys b) Macropus c) Pteropus d) Tachyglossus Answer: d.

45. ZOOLOGY - Endodermal and mesodermal cells - active rolling from embryo surface into interior : a) Ingression b) Involution c) Epiboly d) Inversion Answer: b.

46. ZOOLOGY - Evergeen trees - greenness owes to: a) Cold climate b) Absence of leaf fall c) Leaves falling in small number d) Supply of moisture throughout year Answer: c.

47. ZOOLOGY - F1 particles - found in: a) Lysosome b) Mitochondria c) Golgi Body d) Endoplasmic reticulum Answer: b.

48. ZOOLOGY - FAT FORMATION IN HUMAN BODIES - when: a) little glycogen in body b) low Blood sugar level c) Glycogen storage in liver and muscles completed d) large Intake of proteins Answer: c.

49. ZOOLOGY - FIRST PUBLICATION OF BINOMIAL NOMENCLATURE BY Linnaeus - in: a) Systema Naturae b) Species Plantarum c) Genera Plantarum d) Philosophia Botanica Answer: b.

50. ZOOLOGY - FORMATION OF SOLID MASS OF CELLS IN MAMMALS - known as: a) Blastula b) Gastrula c) Morula d) Neurula Answer: c.

51. ZOOLOGY - FUNCTIONS OF Liver - example : a) Histolysis b) Digestion of proteins c) Glycogenes d) Maintaining salt balance Answer: c.

52. ZOOLOGY - Far of taxonomy : a) De Candolle b) Hooker c) Linnaeus d) Artotle Answer: c.

53. ZOOLOGY - Find oddman out: a) dolphin b) penguin c) porpoise d) whale Answer: b. Ors are cetaceans.

54. ZOOLOGY - Flame cells are related with: a) Excretory system b) Digestive system c) Circulatory system d) Respiratory system Answer: a.

55. ZOOLOGY - Fossilization - also known as: a) Acclimatzation b) Pasteurization c) Preservation d) Tyndallization Answer: c.

56. ZOOLOGY - Fossils - found in: a) Igneous rocks b) Quartz c) Soil d) Sedimentary rocks Answer: d.

57. ZOOLOGY - Fresh water sponges - example : a) Spongella b) Grantia c) Euplectella d) Euspongia Answer: a.

58. ZOOLOGY - Funaria - calyptra formed by: a) Anridium b) Columella c) Capsule d) Archegonium Answer: d.

59. ZOOLOGY - GLYCOSURIA - urine contains: a) Amino acid b) Inorganic ions c) Glucose d) Epilial cells Answer: c.

60. ZOOLOGY - GROWTH OF ORGANMS - study of relationships between size and shape : a) Allometry b) Heterochrony c) ometry d) Allochrony Answer: a.

61. ZOOLOGY - Gametophytic phase of Bryophyta - last cell is : a) Gamete b) Spore c) Elater d) Zygote Answer: a.

62. ZOOLOGY - Genes - made by: a) Htones b) Lipoproteins c) Hydrocarbons d) Polynucleotides Answer: d.

63. ZOOLOGY - Girdling leaf traces - charactertic feature of stem of: a) Cycas b) Pinus c) Ephedra d) Gnetum Answer: a.

64. ZOOLOGY - Glycosidic bonds - broken during digestion of: a) Protein b) Starch c) Lipid d) all Answer: b.

65. ZOOLOGY - Grafts between ogenic individuals - called: a) Syngraft/ograft b) Allograft c) Xenograft d) none Answer: a.

66. ZOOLOGY - HEART - wall made of: a) Epicardium b) Myocardium c) Endocardium d) all Answer: d.

67. ZOOLOGY - HEART BEATS - controlled by: a) Central nervous system b) Spinal nerves c) Cranial nerves d) Autonomic nervous system Answer: d.

68. ZOOLOGY - HETEROZYGOUS INDIVIDUALS - Genetic counsellors can identify by: a) Height b) Colour c) genetic Screening procedures d) all Answer: c.

69. ZOOLOGY - HOMOLECITHAL EGGS (evenly distributed yolk) - laid by a) birds b) amphibians c) mollusks d) insects Answer: c.

70. ZOOLOGY - HONEY BEES - drones produced by: a) Fertilized eggs b) Unfertilized eggs c) Larvae fed upon leaves d) Fasting larvae Answer: b.

71. ZOOLOGY - HYPERSENSITIVITIES to ALLERGENS - humoral antibodies attach to mast cells and basophils, often resulting in circulatory shock: a) Orthopnea b) Anaphylax c) Rhinit d) Immunologic surveillance Answer: b.

72. ZOOLOGY - Heart beats - regulated by: a) Pacemaker b) Vagus nerve c) Sympatic nerve d) all Answer: d.

73. ZOOLOGY - Heterocoelous centrum - a charactertic of: a) Amphibia b) Reptilia c) Birds d) Mammalia Answer: c.

74. ZOOLOGY - How many ATP molecules are produced, as a net gain, during complete breakdown of glucose : a) 36 b) 28 c) 12 d) 18 Answer: a.

75. ZOOLOGY - Hurthle cells - associated with: a) Thyroid gland b) Pituitary gland c) Adrenal gland d) Pancreas Answer: a.

76. ZOOLOGY - INDUSTRIAL MELANISM - indicates: a) Natural selection b) Induced mutation c) Reproductive olation d) Geographical olation Answer: a.

77. ZOOLOGY - INHERITED Rh GENES - found in: a) Rh+ persons b) Rh - persons c) AB blood group persons d) O blood group persons Answer: a.

78. ZOOLOGY - INTESTINAL MUCOSA AND MICROVILLI - enzyme secreted: a) Peptidase b) Daccharidase c) Trypsin d) a and b Answer: d.

79. ZOOLOGY - ISOLECITHAL EGGS (evenly distributed yolk) - laid by a) birds b) amphibians c) sea urchins d) insects Answer: c.

80. ZOOLOGY - ITEROPAROUS ORGANMS (which reproduce repeatedly, often every year) - example: a) Pacific salmon fh b) Virus c) Bacteria d) Humans Answer: d.

81. ZOOLOGY - Innermost layer of egg albumen in birds - is: a) thin albumen b) Vitelline membrane c) Dense albumen d) Chalaziferous layer Answer: b.

82. ZOOLOGY - Intestinal mucosa - absorb by active transport: a) Galactose b) Glucose c) Fructose d) a and b Answer: d.

83. ZOOLOGY - Jacobson~s organ concerned with: a) Smell b) Burrowing c) Touch d) Vion Answer: a.

84. ZOOLOGY - Kidneys - help in: a) Regulation of body fluids b) Regulation of acid -base balance c) Removal of metabolic wastes d) all Answer: d.

85. ZOOLOGY - LIVER FLUKE (Hepatic) - intermediate host in its life cycle: a) Sheep b) Snail c) Man d) Bird Answer: b.

86. ZOOLOGY - LOCALED TUMOR - covered by a connective tsue: a) Metastas b) Neoplasm c) benign tumour d) Malignant tumour Answer: c.

87. ZOOLOGY - Leeches - obtain continuous blood flow from victims by pouring: a) Heparin b) Hirudin c) Insulin d) Pepsin Answer: b.

88. ZOOLOGY - Littoral form of animals - found in: a) fresh water b) sea water near shore c) deep sea d) SEA bottom Answer: d.

89. ZOOLOGY - MALE LIZARDS - have gland on ir thighs: a) Sudorific gland b) Femoral gland c) Green gland d) Stink gland Answer: b.

90. ZOOLOGY - MAMMALS - have jaw suspension: a) Autostylic b) Holostylic c) Craniostylic d) Hyostylic Answer: a.

91. ZOOLOGY - MARSILEA - stele type : a) Solenostele b) Protostele c) Amphiphloic Siphonostele d) all Answer: c.

92. ZOOLOGY - MESOLECITHAL EGGS (medium -sized yolk) - laid by a) birds b) amphibians c) dipnoi d) insects Answer: b.

93. ZOOLOGY - MICROLECITHAL EGGS (little yolk) - found in: a) birds b) amphibians c) dipnoi d) humans Answer: d. some consider humans as alecithal (no yolk).

94. ZOOLOGY - MICROMUTATION - example: a) Polyploidy b) Addition of chromosome c) Deletion of chromosome d) Change in gene frequency Answer: d.

95. ZOOLOGY - MRNA molecule - after transcription: a) disntegrates b) Moves into cytoplasm c) Replicates itself d) Reassociates to form its structure Answer: b.

96. ZOOLOGY - MUSSELS - Glochidium larva of Unio is: a) free swimming b) ectoparasite c) endoparasite d) Lives in bottom Answer: b.

97. ZOOLOGY - Malarial parasite -infective stage is : a) Trophozoite b) Merozoite c) Sporozoite d) Cyst Answer: c.

98. ZOOLOGY - Mammillary bodies - attached to ventral side of: a) Olfactory lobe b) Cerebral hemphere c) Diencephalon d) Medulla oblongata Answer: c.

99. ZOOLOGY - Marsilea - a: a) Homosporic pteridophyte b) Heterosporic pteridophyte c) Non -sporic pteridophyte d) Seeded pteridophyte Answer: b.

100. ZOOLOGY - NEUROTRANSITTERS - Parkinson~s dease caused by overproduction of: a) Acetylcholine b) GABA c) Dopamine d) Serotonin Answer: c.

101. ZOOLOGY - NEUROTRANSITTERS - Schizophrenia caused by overproduction of: a) Acetylcholine b) GABA c) Dopamine d) Serotonin Answer: c.

102. ZOOLOGY - Neoteny - observed in: a) Ambystoma b) Alytes c) Sycon d) Sacculina Answer: a.

103. ZOOLOGY - Nonsense codons are: a) AUG, AAU, UAG b) GGU, AGU, AUG c) UAG, UAA, UGA d) GAU, AAU, GUA Answer: c.

104. ZOOLOGY - Number of cotyledons - found in embryo of Cycas : a) 4 b) 2 c) 3 d) 1 Answer: b.

105. ZOOLOGY - OIL PRODUCING GLANDS ON TAILS OF BIRDS -: a) Preen gland b) Mucus gland c) Green gland d) Sebaceous gland Answer: a.

106. ZOOLOGY - OPEN CIRCULATORY system - can be found in a) vertebrates b) amoeba c) sponges d) insects and spiders Answer: d.

107. ZOOLOGY - OVULATION TIME IN FEMALE MAMMALS - limited period of sexual receptivity (exception humans): a) Menstruation b) Luteinization c) Oogenes d) Estrus Answer: d.

108. ZOOLOGY - One gene one enzyme hyposis - proposed by: a) Lederberg and Tatum b) Beedle and Tatum c) Watson and Crick d) Korenberg and Nirenberg Answer: b.

109. ZOOLOGY - Organisms with very high intrinsic growth rates - have: a) Long generation times b) Short generation times c) No courtship behaviours d) No carrying capacity Answer: b.

110. ZOOLOGY - Ozone Day - observed on: a) Jan 30 b) Apr 21 c) Sept 16 d) Dec 5 Answer: c.

111. ZOOLOGY - PATH FLAGELLATE - which is not : a) Lehmania b) Giardia c) Trypanosoma d) Noctiluca (sea sparkle) Answer: d.a

112. ZOOLOGY - PHOTOSYNS EXPERIMENTS - algae used by Calvin: a) Chlamydomonas b) Chlorella c) Chara d) Volvox Answer: b.

113. ZOOLOGY - PIGMENT SYSTEM - energy trapped is: a) ATP b) Carbohydrate c) NADH2 d) P -700 Answer: d.

114. ZOOLOGY - PLANT EGGS - largest egg found in: a) Cycas b) Sequoia c) Pinus d) Selaginella Answer: a.

115. ZOOLOGY - PLANTS WITH TWO TYPES OF SPORES - : a) Heterospory b) Seed habit c) Homospory d) all Answer: a.

116. ZOOLOGY - PRESENCE OF NERVOUS SYSTEM WITHOUT BRAIN - found in: a) Amoeba b) Hydra c) Cockroach d) Earthworm Answer: b.

117. ZOOLOGY - PROKARYOTIC CELLS - do not suffer from absence of: a) nuclear membrane b) cell organelles c) genetic material d) htone proteins in chromosomes Answer: c.

118. ZOOLOGY - Parasitic castration - occurs in: a) Fasciola b) Nere c) Sacculina d) Palaemon Answer: c.

119. ZOOLOGY - Phenotypic ratio of dihybrid test - cross : a) 15 : 1 b) 3 : 1 c) 9 : 3 : 3 : 1 d) 1 : 1 : 1 : 1 Answer: c.

120. ZOOLOGY - Photosyntic pigments in chloroplast - embedded in membrane of: a) Thylakoids b) Photoglobin c) Matrix d) chloroplast Answer: a.

121. ZOOLOGY - Phytohormone - : a) Naturally produced b) Syntic substance c) Both a) and b d) none Answer: a.

122. ZOOLOGY - Pinus - has only: a) Male cone b) Female cone c) Male and female cones d) all Answer: d.

123. ZOOLOGY - Pinus needle - reflects features of a: a) Mesophyte b) Xerophyte c) Hydrophyte d) Epiphyte Answer: b.

124. ZOOLOGY - Plasmalemma - propounded by: a) Nageli and Cramer b) Plowe c) Dancilli d) Robertson Answer: b.

125. ZOOLOGY - Point mutations - found in: a) Thalassemia b) Nightblindness c) Down~s syndrome d) Sickle -cell anaemia Answer: d.

126. ZOOLOGY - Polytene chromosome - suggested by: a) Balbiani b) Kollar c) Heitz d) Bauer Answer: a.

127. ZOOLOGY - Poon fangs of snakes - are: a) Maxillary teeth b) Specialized structures c) Premaxillary teeth d) Vomerine teeth Answer: a.

128. ZOOLOGY - Postganglionic parasympatic fibres - are: a) Adrenergic b) Cholinergic c) a and b d) none Answer: b.

129. ZOOLOGY - Pyramid of energy - is : a) Always inverted b) Always upright c) Sometimes inverted and sometimes upright d) none Answer: b.

130. ZOOLOGY - Quartan malaria - caused by: a) Plasmodium vivax b) Plasmodium malariae c) Plasmodium ovale d) Plasmodium falciparum Answer: b.

131. ZOOLOGY - RECENT ERA - : a) Cenozoic b) Mesozoic c) Proterozoic d) Archeozoic Answer: a. Last 65 million years.

132. ZOOLOGY - RED PANDA - symbol of a) UNESCO b) World Wildlife Fund c) World Heritage Foundation d) World Animal Foundation Answer: b.

133. ZOOLOGY - REPRODUCTION IN MAMMALS - Capacitation : a) Final stage in maturation of spermatozoa b) Final stage in fertilization c) Maturation of ovum d) all Answer: a.

134. ZOOLOGY - REPTILES - are: a) cold -blooded b) warm -blooded c) not blooded d) none Answer: a.

135. ZOOLOGY - Raphe in Marsilea - present in: a) Female gametophyte b) Sporocarp c) Sporophyte d) Male gametophyte Answer: b.

136. ZOOLOGY - Rare hybrid plants - can be saved by: a) Pollen culture b) Embryo culture c) Protoplast culture d) none Answer: c.

137. ZOOLOGY - Red tide - DECOLORATION OF COASTAL SURFACE WATERS - caused by: a) Protozoans b) Corals c) Dinoflagellates d) all Answer: c.

138. ZOOLOGY - Reserve food material in fungi - : a) Glycogen b) Starch c) Sucrose d) Maltose Answer: a.

139. ZOOLOGY - Respiration - a : a) Catabolic process b) Anabolic process c) Both of se d) none. Answer: a.

140. ZOOLOGY - Ribosomes are sites for: a) Protein syns b) Photosyns c) Fat syns d) Respiration Answer: a.

141. ZOOLOGY - Rootless fern - example : a) Pter b) Dryopter c) Salvinia d) Adiantum Answer: c.

142. ZOOLOGY - SARCOMA metastatic cancerous tumour - may result if dorder in:: a) Immune system b) Epilial cells c) Fibroblasts d) Circulatory system Answer: c.

143. ZOOLOGY - SELAGINELLA - leaf arrangement : a) Large and small leaves arranged spirally b) All leaves large c) All leaves small d) all Answer: a.

144. ZOOLOGY - SELAGINELLA - morphological nature of rhizophore : a) Root like b) Stem like c) Both root and stem like d) Rhizoid like Answer: c.

145. ZOOLOGY - SO2 pollution of air - indicated in: a) Lichen b) Fern c) Black mould d) Moss Answer: a.

146. ZOOLOGY - SOFT SPOTS ON SKULLS OF INFANTS - called: a) Suture b) Fontanel c) Ligament d) Fascia Answer: b.

147. ZOOLOGY - SOUR MILK - a result of formation of: : a) Carbonic acid b) Lactic acid c) Citric acid d) Malic acid d) b.

148. ZOOLOGY - SPECIES - term was coined by: a) John Ray b) Mayer c) J. Huxley d) Linnaeus Answer: a.

149. ZOOLOGY - STAPH FOOD POONING (Ptomaine pooning) - caused by: a) Salmonella bacteria b) Clostridium bacteria c) Staphylococcus bacteria d) none Answer: c.

150. ZOOLOGY - STRUCTURAL CHANGES Globular proteins - undergo in response to extremes of pH: a) Renaturation b) Denaturation c) Combination d) a and b Answer: b.

151. ZOOLOGY - STRUCTURAL CHANGES Globular proteins - undergo in response to extremes of temperature: a) Renaturation b) Denaturation c) Combination d) a and b Answer: b.

152. ZOOLOGY - Sedentary protochordate animals - found in class: a) Pterobranchia b) Larvacea c) Ascidiacea d) Thaliacea Answer: a.

153. ZOOLOGY - Sexual dimorphmis - found in: a) Hydra b) Earthworm c) Ascar d) Fasciola Answer: b.

154. ZOOLOGY - Smooth endoplasmic reticulum - performs: a) lipid synsis b) Glycogenolysis c) Sterol metabolism and detoxification d) All Answer: d.

155. ZOOLOGY - Spicules of Sponges are formed by: a) Procytes b) Pinacocytes c) Scleroblasts d) socytes Answer: b.

156. ZOOLOGY - Sporophyte dependent on gametophyte in: a) Algae b) Pteridophyta c) Fungi d) Bryophyta Answer: d.

157. ZOOLOGY - Sweating on palm and sole due to psychic stimuli called: a) Bradykinin b) Blushing c) Cold sweat d) none Answer: c.

158. ZOOLOGY - Syns of urea in liver takes place by: a) Nitrogen cycle b) Krebs ~ cycle c) Glycolys d) Ornithine cycle Answer: d.

159. ZOOLOGY - TAXONOMY SCHEMA - not a category: a) Ecotype b) Species c) Genus d) Order Answer: a.

160. ZOOLOGY - TRACHEIDS AND VESSELS - difference: a) In being living b) emergence from a single cell c) vertical row of cells d) conducting water Answer: c.

161. ZOOLOGY - Termites digest wood with help of an enzyme secreted by : a) Salivary glands b) Cells in midgut c) Symbiotic protozoa d) Bacteria and fungi outside body Answer: c.

162. ZOOLOGY - Transgenic plantS - first plant used for commercial production was: a) Cotton b) Tomato c) Tobacco d) Rice Answer: b.

163. ZOOLOGY - Two -pigment photosynsis - proposed by: a) Hill Emerson b) Emerson c) Blackmann d) Hatch and Slack Answer: b.

164. ZOOLOGY - VACUOLES - covering membrane: a) Tonoplast b) Cell wall c) Plasma layer d) none Answer: a.

165. ZOOLOGY - VIVIPAROUS SNAKES (producing live offsprings instead of eggs) - example : a) Russell~s pitless viper b) pit viper c) Rattle snake d) Kraits Answer: b.

166. ZOOLOGY - Vitelline membrane - found in: a) Birds b) Tunicates c) Fhes d) Mammals Answer: a.

167. ZOOLOGY - WORMS - Balanoglossus - commonly known as: a) Earthworm b) Tapeworm c) Corn worm d) Tongue worm Answer: d.

168. ZOOLOGY - Which are phagocytes in liver : a) Kupffer cells b) Aciner cells c) Diter cells d) Hensen~s cells Answer: a.

169. ZOOLOGY - Yellow fever - transmitted by: a) Culex b) Anopheles c) Aedes d) fly Answer: c.

170. ZOOLOGY - vertebrate wthout amnion a) pisces b) reptiles c) aves d) mammals Answer: a.

BIOLOGY - Phytology is another name for a) Botany b) Zoology c) Micology d) Taxonomy Answer: a. Botany.

BIOLOGY - ZOOLOGY - EMU is a/an a) bird b) frog c) reptile d) mammal Answer: a.

BIOLOGY - ZOOLOGY - Emu is a bird from a) Korea b) Australia c) Africa d) South America Answer: b. Australian bird.

BIOLOGY - ZOOLOGY - UAKARIs are a) lizards b) monkeys c) snakes d) frogs Answer: b. short tailed monkeys in Amazon Basin.

BIOLOGY - ZOOLOGY - __ does not lay eggs : a) Lizard b) Bat c) Pigeon d) Platypus Answer: b. Bat.

BIOLOGY - ZOOLOGY - __ possess a) Arthropods b) Molluscs c) Coelenterates d) Fishes Answer: a. Arthropoda.

BIOLOGY - ZOOLOGY - ___ storres water in intestines : (Civils) a) Moloch b) Camel c) Zebra d) Uromastix Answer: b. Camel.

BIOLOGY - ZOOLOGY - animal which has highest upper limit of audible range : a) dog b) bat c) man d) whale Answer: b. bat.

BIOLOGY - ZOOLOGY- __ has great sense of smell : a) Eel b) Shark c) Solar Bear d) all Answer: d.all.

ZOOLOGY - CORALS are essentially a) plants b) vertebrates c) lobsters d) amphibians Answer: c.

ZOOLOGY - MONODON MONOCEROS is a type of a) fish b) frog c) snake d) whale Answer: d.

ZOOLOGY - ODDMAN OUT a) dolphin b) narwhal c) shark d) whale Answer: c. shark is not a mammal or cetacean.

ZOOLOGY - PANGOLIN is a/an a) mammal b) amphibian c) reptile d) bird Answer: a. an anteater in South Africa.

ZOOLOGY - __ BACTERIA lives in pairs/chains. a) Streptococcus themophilus b) Escherichia coli c) salmonella sp d) Pseudomonas Deceptonensis Answer: a.

ZOOLOGY : World‷s smallest diving mammal a) shrew b) selachian c) whale d) squid Answer: a.

ZOOLOGY: OCTOPUSES can survive in freezing temperatures owing to ___ blood. a) blue b) red c) warm d) pink Answer: a. haemocyanin present in blue blood facilitates continuous flow of oxygen to tissues.

ZOOLOGY: animal which is also called a ‷spiny -anteater‴: a) Echidna b) Platipus c) Octopus d) NOT Answer: a.

ZOOLOGY: identify the odd animal among the following a) impala b) bongo c) gazelle d) otter Answer: d. Others are herbivorous.

ZOOLOGY; FAUNA refers to a) plants b) animals c) bacteria d) glaciers Answer: b.