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Paediatrics to Pathophysiology

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1. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - ANGIITIS - is inflammation of a) blood vessels b) lymph ducts c) any of two d) not an inflammation. Answer: c.

2. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - ANGIITIS -ANCHYLOSIS - is a disorder of a) head b) bones and joints c) liver-pancreas and intestines d) nervous system Answer: b.

3. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - BORNHOLM DISEASE - is a) congenital b) infectious c) acquired d) none Answer: b.

4. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - CHURG STRAUSS SYNDROME - relates ___ system. a) digestive b) circulatory c) respiratry d) nervous Answer: b.

5. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - CORTEF - is a a) enzyme b) hormone c) tranquilliser d) vesicant Answer: b.

6. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - GUMMA - is a a) psychological depression b) pancreatic fistula c) tumor d) autoimmune response Answer: c.

7. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - Inflammation of outer coat of arteries - may be termed as a) periarteritis b) polyarteritis c) Takayasu‷s arteritis d) temporal arteritis Answer: a.

8. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - LAMINA - relates to a) brain b) heart c) spine d) feet Answer: c.

9. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - May 12 - is ___awareness day. a) polymyalgia rheumatica b) fibromyalgia c) epidemic myalgia d) Bornholm disease Answer: b.

10. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - NERVOUS DISORDERS - A nervous disorder: a) apoptosis b) amitosis c) atosis d) halitosis Answer: c.

11. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - OFFENSIVE BREATH - a) apoptosis b) amitosis c) atosis d) halitosis Answer: d.

12. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - PAIN IN MUSCLES - a) arthralgia b) causalgia c) chiralgia d) myalgia Answer: d.

13. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - PROGRAMMED CELL DEATH - a) apoptosis b) amitosis c) atosis d) halitosis Answer: a.

14. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - PULSELESS DISEASE - ___arteritis. a) Takayasu‷s arteritis b) temporal arteritis c) polyarteritis d) periarteritis Answer: a.

15. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - SPHACELUS - is a ___tissue. a) nascent b) living c) dead d) not a tissue Answer: c.

16. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - TEMPORAL ARTERIES - supply blood to jaw muscles. Hence, during temporal arteritis, re may be difficulty in chewing. a) true b) false c) no link between chewing and arteritis d) -- Answer: a.

17. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - TEMPORAL ARTERITIS - characteristic feature a) headaches b) visual impairment c) difficulty in chewing d) all Answer: d.

18. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - TEMPORAL ARTERY - supplies blood upto a) neck b) jaws c) eyes d) temples Answer: d.

19. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - ULALGIA - is pain in a) gums b) neck c) back d) thighs Answer: a.

20. ANATOMY - PHYSIOLOGY - PATHOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - VASCULITIS - is ___ of blood vessel. a) dilation b) clotting c) inflammation d) fissure Answer: c.

21. ANATOMY and HEALTH - DIAGNOSTICS - artery used to measure bp: a) coronary artery b) pulmonary artery c) brachial artery d) renal artery Answer: c. It is in upper arms.

22. AUTOCLAVING - is extremely important in a) imaging diagnostics b) surgical procedures c) oral medications d) parenteral nutrition Answer: b. autoclaving is sterilisation of surgical instruments, by boiling.

23. DIAGNOSTICS - A FEELING THAT WE ARE ABOUT TO FALL - a) intertrigo b) prurigo c) impetigo d) vertigo Answer: d.

24. DIAGNOSTICS - A ___ can assess wher a person is awake, alert or asleep. a) ECG b) EEG c) EMG d) EKG Answer: b.

25. DIAGNOSTICS - ABDOMINAL BLOATING is also known as a) hypogonadism b) melanism c) meteorism d) meningism Answer: c.

26. DIAGNOSTICS - ABSENCE OF ACETYLCHOLINE RECEPTOR ANTIBODY in a particular blood sample indicates a) presence of myasnia b) absence of myasnia c) latent myasnia d) NOT NECESSARILY absence of myesnia Answer: d.

27. DIAGNOSTICS - ACE LEVELS TEST is mainly used to diagnose a) sarcoidosis b) leprosy c) thyroid disorders d) numerous ailments including a,b,c. Answer: d. Hence, utility is limited.

28. DIAGNOSTICS - ACID MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES TEST is a/an a) blood test b) imaging procedure c) urine test d) scoring technique Answer: c.

29. DIAGNOSTICS - ACIDFAST STAIN TEST can be conducted on a) blood b) urine c) stool d) any one Answer: d.

30. DIAGNOSTICS - ACIDFAST STAIN may help in detecting a) HIV b) influenza c) TB d) typhoid Answer: c.

31. DIAGNOSTICS - ACIDLOAD TEST PH - Before taking test, we are advised to take ___ capsules for three days. a) Potassium chloride b) ammonium chloride c) trazodone hydrochloride d) dolophine hydrochloride Answer: b.

32. DIAGNOSTICS - ACIDLOAD TEST PH - Urine with a ph less than ___ is considered as normal. a) 3.5 b) 5.3 c) 7 d) 1.5 Answer: b.

33. DIAGNOSTICS - ACTH TEST - presence and quantum of ___ is measured. a) cosyntropin b) cortisol c) renin d) none of se Answer: b.

34. DIAGNOSTICS - ACTH TEST is a ___ test. a) simulation b) stimulation c) saltation d) salivation Answer: b. Response of adrenal gland to stimulation made by pituitary hormone cosyntropin is tried to be measured.

35. DIAGNOSTICS - ADH TEST involves a) imaging hypothalamus b) imaging kidneys c) abdominal MRI d) venipuncture for drawing blood Answer: d.

36. DIAGNOSTICS - ADRENAL GLANDS NOT PRODUCING ENOUGH CORTISOL - may be an indication of a) Addison‷s disease b) Cushing‷s disease c) Banti‷s disease d) Wilson‷s disease Answer: a.

37. DIAGNOSTICS - AEGOPHONY BLEATINGS on stethoscope we hear from lungs may be an indication of presence of a) air in lungs b) fluids lungs c) tumors in lungs d) worms in lungs Answer: b.

38. DIAGNOSTICS - AEGOPHONY BLEATINGS on stethoscope we may hear from a) brain b) lungs c) reproductive system d) knees Answer: b.

39. DIAGNOSTICS - ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE (alp test) normal range as per current practice is ___international units per lit. : a) 30-300 units b) 60-600 units c) 90-900 units d) 120-1200 units Answer: a.

40. DIAGNOSTICS - ALPHA1 ANTITRYPSIN TEST may help in detecting a) liver cirrhosis b) emphysema of lungs c) hepatocellular carcinoma d) any one Answer: d.

41. DIAGNOSTICS - AMA TEST (ANTI MITOCHONDRIAL ANTIBODY TEST) helps us to identify problems of a) brain b) lungs c) heart d) liver Answer: d. PBC or primary biliary cirrhosis.

42. DIAGNOSTICS - AMYLASURIA excess discharge in urine may be an indication of a) acute pancreatitis b) alcohol consumption c) gall bladder disease d) any of se Answer: d.

43. DIAGNOSTICS - AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS affects a) brain and skull b) spine and muscles c) lungs and heart d) liver and pancreas Answer: b.

44. DIAGNOSTICS - ANA Panel or Anti Nuclear Antibody Panel can help in identifying ___ disorders. a) digestive b) circulatory c) autoimmune d) geriatric Answer: c.

45. DIAGNOSTICS - ANA Panel or Anti Nuclear Antibody Panel is a) blood test b) image CAT c) image MRI d) x-ray Answer: a.

46. DIAGNOSTICS - ANTHRAX BLOOD TEST is to be taken at least ___ with a ten day interval. a) once b) twice c) thrice d) four times Answer: b.

47. DIAGNOSTICS - ANTI DIURETIC HORMONE (ADH) is measured in units of ___ grams per milli liter. a) milli b) micro c) nano d) pico Answer: d. one/trillianth of a gram is picogram.

48. DIAGNOSTICS - ANTI PARIETAL CELLS ANTIBODY TEST POSITIVE may be an indication of ___anemia. a) aplastic b) Fanconi‷s anemia c) hyperchromic anemia d) pernicious anemia Answer: d.

49. DIAGNOSTICS - ANTIBODY TITER TEST helps in identifying a) existing autoimmune disorders b) need for booster immunizations c) check past and present infections d) all or any of se Answer: d.

50. DIAGNOSTICS - ANTIBODY TITER is a ___ of antibodies. a) concentration b) dead heap c) accelerator d) eliminator Answer: a.

51. DIAGNOSTICS - ANTINUCLEAR ANTIBODY (ANA) TEST involves a) x-rays b) microscopic examination c) endoscopy d) radiowaves Answer: b.

52. DIAGNOSTICS - ANTITHROMBIN III TEST - measures ability to overcome/prevent a) blood hemorrhages b) blood clots c) autoimmune reactions d) anaphylactic shocks Answer: b.

53. DIAGNOSTICS - APGAR SCORE mainly gauges a) breathing b) heart beat c) reflex irritability d) all Answer: d.

54. DIAGNOSTICS - APGAR TEST is a/an a) blood test b) imaging procedure c) score on a 10 pt. scale d) urine test Answer: c.

55. DIAGNOSTICS - APGAR TEST relates to a) newborn babies b) children c) adolescents d) youth Answer: a.

56. DIAGNOSTICS - ARMPIT LUMPS may be owing to swollen a) lymph nodes b) sebacious glands c) ligaments d) all Answer: a.

57. DIAGNOSTICS - ARSENIC is sometimes found as a contaminant in a) poultry b) piggery products c) sea foods d) dairy products Answer: c.

58. DIAGNOSTICS - ARTERIOGRAM is often called a) angiography b) arthrography c) cardiography d) autoradiography Answer: a.

59. DIAGNOSTICS - ARTERIOGRAMS suffer from risk: a) allergic reactions to dye used b) kidney problems c) damage to blood vessels d) all or any Answer: d.

60. DIAGNOSTICS - ARTERIOGRAMS use a) x-rays b) magnetic resonance c) series of cross-sectional scans d) all Answer: a.

61. DIAGNOSTICS - ASO TITER TEST (ANTI STREPTOLYSIN O TITER TEST) may not help in diagnosing: a) bacterial endocarditis b) glomerulonephritis c) scarlet fever d) yellow fever Answer: d.

62. DIAGNOSTICS - ASPARTATE AMINO TRANSMINASE TEST (AST TEST) - normal range of enzyme ___ international units per liter. a) 30 -34 IU/L. b) 35- 70 IU/L. c) 71-100 IU/L. d) 101-105 IU/L. Answer: a.

63. DIAGNOSTICS - AURISCOPE examines a) auricles of ear b) auricles of heart c) auricular appendix d) auriculoventricular valves Answer: a.

64. DIAGNOSTICS - AZOTEMIC PATIENTS - may suffer from ___insufficiency. a) brain b) heart c) liver d) kidneys Answer: d.

65. DIAGNOSTICS - BEHCET‷s SYNDROME affects a) eyes b) mouth c) genitalia d) all or any Answer: d.

66. DIAGNOSTICS - BERNSTEIN TEST identifies ___disorders. a) esophagal and gastrointestinal b) liver and gall bladder c) kidneys and adrenal glands d) lungs and trachea Answer: a.

67. DIAGNOSTICS - BICARBONATE LEVEL IN BLOOD is an indirect indicator of a) blood acidity b) blood coagulation c) count of erythrocytes d) blood thickness Answer: a.

68. DIAGNOSTICS - BLOOD - HEMATOCRIT is a) volume ratio b) surgical instrument c) antibody d) anticoagulant Answer: a.

69. DIAGNOSTICS - BLOOD PRESSURE - during SYSTOLE __ contracts. a) left auricle b) right auricle c) left ventricle d) right ventricle Answer: c. left ventricle pumps blood into arteries.

70. DIAGNOSTICS - BLOOD PRESSURE - during SYSTOLE blood pressure in __ . a) bp in arteries increases b) bp in arteries falls c) bp in veins increases d) bp in veins falls Answer: a.

71. DIAGNOSTICS - BLOOD PRESSURE - has an inverse relationship with a) calcium b) iron c) potassium d) sodium Answer: a.

72. DIAGNOSTICS - BLOOD PRESSURE REGULATION - depends on maintenance of a) heart b) lungs c) liver d) kidneys Answer: d.

73. DIAGNOSTICS - BLOODY MUCUS is an important symptom in ___ pneumonia. a) mycoplasma b) chlamydophila c) legionella d) most pneumonias have bloody mucus Answer: c.

74. DIAGNOSTICS - BOWEN‷s DISEASE mimicks a) eczema and psoriasis b) herpes c) measles d) chickenpox Answer: a.

75. DIAGNOSTICS - BRUITS are ___ in heart, arteries and veins: a) occlusions b) embolisms c) valves d) sounds Answer: d. also known as murmurs.

76. DIAGNOSTICS - CAT full form is a) computer aided tomography b) computed axial tomography c) computer aided topography d) computed axial topography Answer: b.

77. DIAGNOSTICS - CHILURIA urine resembles: a) honey b) milk c) soup d) wine Answer: b.

78. DIAGNOSTICS - CHORIONIC VILLUS SAMPLING aims to detect ___. a) aspiration pneumonia b) birth defects c) causes of death d) figural blindness Answer: b.

79. DIAGNOSTICS - CHORIONIC VILLUS SAMPLING is a/an ___test. a) agglutination test b) heterophil test c) intradermal test d) prenatal test Answer: d.

80. DIAGNOSTICS - COLONOSCOPE is inserted through a) esophagus b) nasopharynx c) rectum d) vagina Answer: c.

81. DIAGNOSTICS - COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY (CT) uses a) magnets b) radio waves c) x-rays d) all Answer: c.

82. DIAGNOSTICS - CONDUCTING GELS are used in a) x-rays b) CT scan c) MRI d) ultrasound Answer: d.

83. DIAGNOSTICS - CONTAGIOUS SKIN INFECTION IN CHILDREN - red blisters developing into crust and gradually eroding: a) intertrigo b) prurigo c) impetigo d) vertigo Answer: c.

84. DIAGNOSTICS - CONTRAST DYES during CAT SCANs often contain a) aluminium b) iodine c) lead d) mercury Answer: b.

85. DIAGNOSTICS - CORTISOL HORMONE - normal level is said to be a) 1 to 5 pico grams per ml. b) 9 to 52 pico gms. /ml. c) 53 to 75 pico gms/ml d) none Answer: b. se figures may vary.

86. DIAGNOSTICS - CT (COMPUTER TOMOGRAPHY) started in a) 1965 b) 1975 c) 1985 d) 1995 Answer: b.

87. DIAGNOSTICS - CULDOSCOPE is inserted through a) esophagus b) nasopharynx c) rectum d) vagina Answer: d.

88. DIAGNOSTICS - CULDOSCOPY is a type of a) x-rays b) CT scan c) MRI d) endoscopy Answer: d.

89. DIAGNOSTICS - CULDOSCOPY is done for a) men b) women c) aged persons of both sexes d) all Answer: b.

90. DIAGNOSTICS - ECG shows functioning of a) brain b) heart c) lungs d) kidneys Answer: b.

91. DIAGNOSTICS - ECLAMPSIA - is often associated with a) sunburns b) puberty c) pregnancy d) aging Answer: c.

92. DIAGNOSTICS - EXCESS CORTISOL may be due to malfunctioning of a) pituitary tumors b) adrenal tumors c) both d) both or any one Answer: d.

93. DIAGNOSTICS - EXCESS THIRST AND EXCESS PALE URINE - is more pronounced in a) diabetes insipidius b) diabetes mellitus c) hepatitis B d) hepatitis C Answer: a.

94. DIAGNOSTICS - Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) looks into a) circulatory system b) digestive system c) brain and spine d) kidneys and reproductory system Answer: b.

95. DIAGNOSTICS - FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM - DRYNESS OF VAGINA - one medical term used is: a) cystocele b) colpoxerosis c) colporrhaphy d) colpocystisis Answer: b.

96. DIAGNOSTICS - FIND ODDMAN OUT: a) cicatrice b) keloid c) embolism d) callus Answer: c. Ors are scars. Embolism is a bubble in a blood vessel.

97. DIAGNOSTICS - FLUOROSCOPY used to see internal organs in motion employs : a) films b) radio waves c) x-rays d) analog signals Answer: c.

98. DIAGNOSTICS - GADoLINIUM‷s utilty in MRI may be that of a) blood thinner b) dye c) cater d) no role Answer: b.

99. DIAGNOSTICS - GASTROSCOPE is inserted through a) esophagus b) nasopharynx c) rectum d) vagina Answer: a.

100. DIAGNOSTICS - H5N1 is a/an: a) bacteria b) fungi c) virus d) nucleotide Answer: c. Causes Avian Influenza.

101. DIAGNOSTICS - HEART RATES - ___ have highest heart rates. a) neonates b) adolescents c) youth d) aged persons Answer: a.

102. DIAGNOSTICS - HIGH IMMUNE PROTEIN LEVELS AND LOW ALBUMIN IN BLOOD may be an indication of a) hepatitis b) liver cirrhosis c) both d) eir Answer: d.

103. DIAGNOSTICS - HOLTER MONITOR keeps a record of ___. a) brain‷s pulsations b) heart‷s rhythms c) movement of food along gastrointestinal tract d) pulmonary gas exchanges Answer: b.

104. DIAGNOSTICS - HOME TESTING BY PATIENTS - seems to be common in case of a) angina b) diabetes c) pulmonary emphesyma d) jaundice Answer: b. testing for blood glucose levels, participation by patients.

105. DIAGNOSTICS - IDDM refers to ___ diabetes. a) type 1 diabetes b) type 2 diabetes c) diabetes insipidus d) all Answer: a.

106. DIAGNOSTICS - IMAGING METHODS - ___ may expose us to most radiation. a) x-rays b) CT scan c) MRI d) endoscopy Answer: b.

107. DIAGNOSTICS - INCREASE IN ABDOMINAL GIRTH may be due to a) obesity b) liver/heart failure c) blockage of intestinal gas d) any of se Answer: d.

108. DIAGNOSTICS - INTRADERMAL SKIN TESTS - are not to be done in case of ___allergies. a) food b) insect venom c) pollen d) molds Answer: a.

109. DIAGNOSTICS - INTRAVENOUS PYELOGRAMS depict a) brain and adrenal gland b) larynx and lungs c) esophagus and stomach d) kidneys and ureters Answer: d.

110. DIAGNOSTICS - ITP Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura is: a) fall in platelet count b) rise in platelet count c) stagnation of platelet count d) loss of platelets'ability to clot blood Answer: a.

111. DIAGNOSTICS - IgG and IgM antibodies against insulin - may lead to a) insulin resistance b) type 1 diabetes c) malabsorption of glucose by cells d) all Answer: d.

112. DIAGNOSTICS - In CMI, I refers to Cell Mediated ___: a) infections b) immunity c) intelligence d) immunoassay Answer: b.

113. DIAGNOSTICS - JUVENILE KIPHOSIS is name 2 for: a) Scheuermann‷s disease b) Addison‷s disease c) Wilson‷s disease d) Darier‷s disease Answer: a.

114. DIAGNOSTICS - LEGIONNAIRE‷s DISEASE is a type of a) brain fever b) pneumonia c) heart disease d) kidney poblem Answer: b.

115. DIAGNOSTICS - LISTENING SOUNDS MADE WITHIN HUMAN BODY (e.g. heart beat, intestinal noises etc. with steth.) is: a) auscultation b) alimentation c) crepitation d) placentation Answer: a.

116. DIAGNOSTICS - LOU GEHRIG‷s DISEASE affects a) brain and skull b) spine and muscles c) lungs and heart d) liver and pancreas Answer: b.

117. DIAGNOSTICS - LOW POTASSIUM LEVELS IN BLOOD may NOT be an indication of a) liver cirrhosis b) hyperadrenalism c) renal tubular defect d) diuresis Answer: c.

118. DIAGNOSTICS - LUMBAR PUNCTURE is a procedure connected to a) aorta b) brain c) chest d) gonads Answer: b.

119. DIAGNOSTICS - LUMBAR PUNCTURE is mandatory in case of headaches caused by a) aneurysms b) meningitis c) migraine d) brain tumor Answer: b. this answer needs rechecking.

120. DIAGNOSTICS - MEASUREMENT OF ABDOMINAL GIRTH is: a) circular length b) diameter at navel c) radius at navel d) none Answer: a.

121. DIAGNOSTICS - MILKY URINE may be an indication of a) pyorrhea b) filariasis c) dengue fever d) jaundce Answer: b.

122. DIAGNOSTICS - MRI does not contain a) magnets b) radio waves c) radiation d) magnets and radio waves Answer: c.

123. DIAGNOSTICS - MUSCLE AND LIVER DAMAGE may be gauged from a) ALT TEST b) AST TEST c) CPK TEST d) all or any one Answer: d.

124. DIAGNOSTICS - OTITIS - is inflammation of a) eyes b) ears c) nose d) throat Answer: b.

125. DIAGNOSTICS - Obtaining a tissue sample for biopsy, sucking it through a hollow needle may be termed as : a) autopsy b) aspirate or needle biopsy c) villus sampling d) necropsy Answer: b.

126. DIAGNOSTICS - PAP SMEAR is a test carried for a) babies b) children c) males d) females Answer: d. sample of secretions and superficial cells of uterine cervix and uterus; examined with a microscope to detect any abnormal cells.

127. DIAGNOSTICS - PATHOLOGY - RISUS SARDONICUS - is a pathognomonic (chief symptom) of a) dementia b) algheimer‷s disease c) AIDS d) tetanus Answer: d.

128. DIAGNOSTICS - PATHOLOGY - SPECIFICALLY DISTINCTIVE CHARACTERISTIC OF A DISEASE - can be termed as a) pathogenic b) pathognomic c) pathognomonic d) pathomnemonic Answer: c. pathognomic and pathomnemonic are common misspellings.

129. DIAGNOSTICS - PATHOPHYSIOLOGY - Amaurosis fugax is a symptom of ___ artery disease. a) vaginal artery b) appendicular artery c) arcuate artery d) carotid artery Answer: d.

130. DIAGNOSTICS - PITUITARY GLAND PRODUCING EXCESS ACTH is a) Addison‷s disease b) Cushing‷s disease c) Banti‷s disease d) Wilson‷s disease Answer: b.

131. DIAGNOSTICS - POSTPRANDIAL BLOOD SUGAR - refers to a) before breakfast b) before meal c) after meal d) after meal particularly dinner Answer: d.

132. DIAGNOSTICS - PRECIPITINS are a) antigens b) antibodies c) pathogens d) dead cells Answer: b.

133. DIAGNOSTICS - PROCTOSIGMOIDOSCOPY sees a) brain and hypothalamus b) trachea and lungs c) hips and thighs d) colon and rectum Answer: d.

134. DIAGNOSTICS - PROPHYLAXIS - is a) drawing a profile of an ailment b) prevention of a disease c) treatment of a disease d) post-operative care Answer: b.

135. DIAGNOSTICS - PROPTOMETER is used in testing a) eyes b) ears c) nose d) throat Answer: a. can help in measuring protrusion of eye balls in diseases such as gout

136. DIAGNOSTICS - PROTHROMBIN TEST can help in diagnosing a) haemophilia b) intestinal disorders c) prostate problems d) hemoglobinemia Answer: a.

137. DIAGNOSTICS - PYELOGRAPHY is essentially a/an a) x-ray b) MRI c) CAT d) endoscopic view Answer: a.

138. DIAGNOSTICS - Purpose of conducting AFP tests in case of pregnant women: a) identifying congenital defects such as spinal bifida and anencephaly b) predict risks of miscarriages c) identify twins and triplets d) all Answer: a.

139. DIAGNOSTICS - RADIO ACTIVE SUBSTANCE USED IN SCAN OF ABSCESSES is ___. a) iridium b) indium c) uranium d) thorium Answer: b.

140. DIAGNOSTICS - RHINITIS - we get ___ symptoms. a) ophthalmic b) nasal c) gustatory d) auditory Answer: b.

141. DIAGNOSTICS - RHINOSCOPE is inserted through a) esophagus b) nasopharynx c) rectum d) vagina Answer: b.

142. DIAGNOSTICS - RISE IN TEMPERATURE OF BODY - a) pyrophobia b) pyromania c) pyrolisis d) pyrexia Answer: d. fever.

143. DIAGNOSTICS - ROSACEA is another name for a) acne b) anemia c) apnea d) amenorhhea Answer: a.

144. DIAGNOSTICS - SALPINGITIS - is mainly an ailment of a) neonates b) children c) men d) women Answer: d. Inflammation of fallopian tubes.

145. DIAGNOSTICS - SEDIMENTATION RATE is a term associated with a) blood tests b) urine tests c) faeces tests d) cardiograms Answer: a.

146. DIAGNOSTICS - SENTINEL HEADACHES a) portend great dangers b) guard us against great dangers c) release antibodies against pathogens d) activate thymus hormones Answer: a.

147. DIAGNOSTICS - SKIN - chafing between two skin surfaces in contact (armpit, breasts, thighs) can be termed as: a) intertrigo b) prurigo c) impetigo d) vertigo Answer: a.

148. DIAGNOSTICS - SKIN - chronic inflammation with blister-capped papules and intense itching: a) intertrigo b) prurigo c) impetigo d) vertigo Answer: c.

149. DIAGNOSTICS - SODIUM CHLORIDE ELECTROLYTE CONCENTRATIONS beyond 150mmol/l may lead to a) dehydration b) diabetes insipidus c) diabetes mellitus d) any of se Answer: d.

150. DIAGNOSTICS - SODIUM DIATRIZOATE finds its use as a dye in a) x-rays b) MRI c) CAT d) all Answer: a.

151. DIAGNOSTICS - SODIUM DIATRIZOATE reported to be used in x-rays is a salt of a) chlorine b) bromine c) iodine d) sulphur Answer: c.

152. DIAGNOSTICS - SPINA BIFIDA may be diagnosed by test a) amniocentesis b) abdominocentesis c) arthrocentesis d) thoracocentesis Answer: a.

153. DIAGNOSTICS - SYNDROME OF INAPPROPRIATE ADH - is mainly a disorder of a) brain b) liver c) pancreas d) kidneys Answer: a.

154. DIAGNOSTICS - SYNDROME WITH ARTHRITIS, CONJUNCTIVITIS AND URETHRITIS: a) Marfan‷s syndrome b) Reiter‷s syndrome c) Behcet‷s syndrome d) Asperger‷s syndrome Answer: b.

155. DIAGNOSTICS - TOUCH DISORDER - which of following is a touch disorder? a) dyskinesia b) dysaphia c) dysarthria d) dyschezia Answer: b.

156. DIAGNOSTICS - TROPONIN TEST helps us to diagnose problems of a) brain b) heart c) liver d) kidneys Answer: b.

157. DIAGNOSTICS - ULTRASOUND MACHINES send ___ frequency sound waves. a) low b) medium c) high d) very high Answer: c.

158. DIAGNOSTICS - UVEITIS affects a) eyes b) mouth c) genitalia d) all or any Answer: a.

159. DIAGNOSTICS - VANDENBERGH TEST is associated with a) diabetes b) jaundice c) meningitis d) nephritis Answer: b.

160. DIAGNOSTICS - VIRUSES WHICH LOOK LIKE SPRINKLED SAND when viewed in microscope: a) arboviruses b) arenaviruses c) alphaviruses d) adenoviruses Answer: b. arenosus = sand.

161. DIAGNOSTICS - WEBER‷s TEST helps in measuring a person‷s a) vision b) deafness c) sensitivity to smell d) agility and aptitude Answer: b.

162. DIAGNOSTICS - We should not consume ___, before undergoing tests for allergies. a) antidepressants b) antihistamines c) antacids d) vascodilators Answer: b.

163. DIAGNOSTICS - X-RAYS - BREAST RADIOGRAPHY normally uses a kilovoltage range of a) 25-40 kv b) 60-120 kv c) 120-150 kv d) none Answer: a.

164. DIAGNOSTICS - X-RAYS - CHEST RADIOGRAPHY normally uses a kilovoltage range of a) 25-40 kv b) 60-120 kv c) 120-150 kv d) none Answer: c.

165. DIAGNOSTICS - X-RAYS - When a chest X-ray is taken with patient’s back against Film plate and X-ray machine in front of patient, view we get is: a) AP view b) PA view c) dorsoventral d) ventrodorsal Answer: a. anteroposterior.

166. DIAGNOSTICS - X-RAYS - When a chest X-ray is taken with patient facing Film plate and X-ray machine behind patient, view we get is: a) AP view b) PA view c) dorsoventral d) ventrodorsal Answer: b. posteroanterior.

167. DIAGNOSTICS - X-rays started in a) 1875 b) 1885 c) 1895 d) 1905 Answer: c.

168. DIAGNOSTICS - ___ is a starter in diagnosing nascent pneumonia. a) chest x-ray b) bronchoscopy c) open lung biopsy d) CT scan Answer: a.

169. DIAGNOSTICS - ___ is another name of AMBLYOPIA a) black eye b) glass eye c) lazy eye d) compound eye Answer: c.

170. DIAGNOSTICS - ___sulphate is used in some X-rays. a) barium b) copper c) ferrous d) zinc Answer: b.

171. DIAGNOSTICS - a graphical record of electric currents associated with muscle contractions a) E.M.G. b) E.C.G. c) E.E.G. d) E.K.G. Answer: a.

172. DIAGNOSTICS - a perverted sense of smell ; everything may smell unpleasant : a) parosmia b) paronychia c) pachyonychia d) koilonychia Answer: a.

173. DIAGNOSTICS - abnormally high ASPARATE AMINO TRANSMINASE levels may be owing to ___ disease. a) liver b) kidney c) heart d) any or all se Answer: d.

174. DIAGNOSTICS - an early symptom that a disease is developing or that an attack is about to occur a) chondroma b) enchondroma c) prodroma d) aroma Answer: c.

175. DIAGNOSTICS - contrast dye used in CTs commonly is a) gadolinium b) iodine c) both d) none of se Answer: c.

176. DIAGNOSTICS - enzyme-linked-immunosorbent serologic assay help identify presence of a) antibodies b) bacteria c) viruses d) any of se or all. Answer: d.

177. DIAGNOSTICS - excess ALANINEtransAMINASE may be owing to leakages from damaged a) stomach b) pancreas c) liver d) kidneys Answer: c.

178. DIAGNOSTICS - find oddman out: a) cranial MRI b) cerebral angiogram c) magnetic resonance angiography d) electro encephalogram Answer: c.

179. DIAGNOSTICS - inability to use or understand spoken/written language owing to a brain lesion: a) aphasia b) dysphasia c) cataphasia d) anaplasia Answer: a.

180. DIAGNOSTICS - medical name for itching is a) parotitis b) proctitis c) pruritis d) periodontitis Answer: c.

181. DIAGNOSTICS - method of examination in which DOCTOR feels size or shape/firmness/location of something a) palpitation b) palpation c) palliation d) palpebration Answer: b.

182. DIAGNOSTICS - most accurate test for CELIAC SPRUE is a) abdominal endoscopy b) colonoscopy c) biopsy of small intestine d) gastric lavage Answer: c.

183. DIAGNOSTICS - most diagnostic X-RAYS use a kilovoltage range of a) 25-40 kv b) 60-120 kv c) 120-150 kv d) none Answer: b.

184. DIAGNOSTICS - normal hydrogen ion concentration of BLOOD plasma should be constant ph ___. a) 5.4 b) 6.4 c) 7.4 d) 8.4 Answer: c.

185. DIAGNOSTICS - normal level of ANTI DIURETIC HORMONE (ADH) in an individual will be in range of ___ picogram per ml. a) 1 to 5 pico b) 6 to 10 pico c) 11 to 15 pico d) 11 to 20 pico Answer: a.

186. DIAGNOSTICS - not required for diagnosing RESPIRATORY ALKALOSIS a) blood gas analysis b) basic metabolic panel c) chorionic villus biopsy d) urinalysis and urin pH Answer: c.

187. DIAGNOSTICS - oddman out: a) lumbar puncture b) gastric lavage c) perfusion d) liposuction Answer: c. = perfusion involves pumping into organs. Ors involve drawing from organs.

188. DIAGNOSTICS - percutaneous transhepatic cholangiopancreatography (ptc) is a diagnostic technique which uses: a) radio-opaque dyes and x-rays b) ultrasonic sounds c) laparoscopes and cameras d) all Answer: a.

189. DIAGNOSTICS - rmoluminescent dosimeter is used to estimate a) optical defects b) radiation c) ph alkalinity d) cardiac tamponade Answer: b.

190. DIAGNOSTICS - symptoms which may need ADH testing a) build of fluids with puffiness and swelling b) excess urin c) low sodium in blood d) all or any Answer: d.

191. DIAGNOSTICS - technique of examining a fluid-filled part of body for presence of a floating object (e.g. fetus in amniotic fluid): a) avulsion b) ballottement c) palliation d) palpitation Answer: b.

192. DIAGNOSTICS - tetrabromo-phenolsulfonephthalein found some use as a) soporific drug b) acid-base indicator c) radiopaque dye d) vasodilator Answer: b.

193. DIAGNOSTICS - through CULDOSCOPES doctors observe ___ of women. a) abdomen b) pelvic organs c) breasts d) kidneys Answer: b.

194. DIAGNOSTICS - which of following syndromes is a psychiatric disorder? a) Marfan‷s syndrome b) Reiter‷s syndrome c) Behcet‷s syndrome d) Asperger‷s syndrome Answer: d. early school behavior with poor social relations.

195. DIAGNOSTICS - which of following tests may not be of much help in diagnosing AICARDI SYNDROME? a) CBC (complete blood count) b) CT scan of head c) MRI and EEG d) eye exam. Answer: a. eye exam helps because sores on optic nerve or retina is one symptom. Imaging is more helpful than blood profile.

196. DIAGNOSTICS : LUMBAR PUNCTURE - is undertaken for ___ purpose. a) diagnostic b) rapeutic c) lie detection d) diagnostic or rapeutic Answer: d.

197. DIAGNOSTICS OF ALLERGIES - ELEMINATION TESTS are convenient for identifying ___ allergies. a) food b) insect venom c) pollen d) pencillin drugs Answer: a.

198. DIAGNOSTICS OF AMMONIA IN BLOOD - AMMONIA ION TEST - ___ diet can raise blood ammonia level. a) high-carb b) high-protein c) high-fat d) obesity diet Answer: b.

199. DIAGNOSTICS OF AMMONIA IN BLOOD - normal range of ammonia is to be a) 15 to 45 microgms. per deciliter b) 15 to 45 mg. per dl. c) 100 to 150 microgms. per dl d) 100 to 150 mg. per dl Answer: a.

200. DIAGNOSTICS OF MENINGITIS - basic test is a) venipuncture b) lumbar puncture c) amniocentesis d) arthrocentesis Answer: b.

201. DIAGNoSTICS - GADOLINIUM‷s used in MRI scans may be harmful to patients of ___disorders. a) brain b) heart c) liver d) kidney Answer: d.

202. Diagnostics: PEEP (POSITIVE END EXPIRATORY PRESSURE) is a term associated with a) brain b) lungs c) liver d) kidneys Answer: b. Breathing machines administer oxygen and PEEP.

203. PATHOLOGY - NOSOLOGY - deals with a) diseases of nose b) diagnostics c) nosocomial infections d) nosohusial infections Answer: b.

204. PHYSIOLOGY - DIAGNOSTICS - RISUS SARDONICUS - a grin like spasm with raised eye-brows relates to ___muscles. a) face b) neck c) chest d) abdomen Answer: a.

CHEMISTRY - Mercury(II) fulminate- Hg(CNO)2 is useful in a) diagnostics b) explosives c) paints d) photography Answer: b.

DIAGNOSTICS - WIDAL TESTS can diagnose : a) Malaria b) Typhoid c) Cholera d) Yellow fever Answer: b.

DIAGNOSTICS: SCINTIGRAPHY is used in ___ medicine. a) bacteriological medicine b) nuclear medicine c) epidemiological medicine d) ophthalmic medicine Answer: b.