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7338 1. adjuvant  : something added to a vaccine to make it work better

2. adverse event  : something bad that happens, bad reaction, unexpected or unwanted effects

3. allergen  : something like pollen that causes body to react by sneezing or forming a rash; something that causes an allergic reaction

4. allergic  : body’s reaction to something, like pollen, resulting in sneezing, sniffling, a rash, etc.

5. antigen  : germ, bacteria, virus, poison, something in your body that your body tries to fight off, something that helps your body fight disease

6. anti-inflammatory  : a drug to reduce swelling, something that reduces swelling and pain, aspirin, cortisone, a drug that brings down swelling; drug that prevents swelling

7. capacity  : size, amount something holds, ability, space, number open

8. : chronic health condition: constant health problem, something that effects your health for a long period of time

9. dilator: something used to make something become larger, wider, or bigger

10. efficacy rate: how well something works

11. environmental control: removing harmful things from your home and work; doing something to improve space you live in and air you breathe

12. high risk: dangerous, good chance something will happen

13. immune globulin: something in your blood that helps fight disease

14. impaired  : not normal/something is wrong

15. infectious agent: virus, germs, something that makes you sick, disease, flu, parasite

16. infectious: something that can spread disease

17. pending: coming, until, waiting on something or someone

18. recipient: person who gets something

19. schedule: plan, planning a time to do something

20. teratogenic: something that can hurt your baby before he is born