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Telugu to English, Hindi to English Translations: WE UNDERTAKE .

English from/to Telugu language. A language spoken by 100 million people around the world.
English from/to Hindi language. National language of India.
We have already translated around 2000 legal documents of various sizes, and various formats, especially scanned pdfs, scanned jpgs. Output format will be as per customer's choice.

Current rate of charges: Rs. 100 ($1.5) per A4 size input page. For small files of one or two pages, no advance is necessary. For very large files of say 5000 words or more than 5 input pages, 15% of order amount will have to be remitted in advance. Amount is to be remitted to our Bank account with a Public Sector Bank in India.

Email - Address to send input files such as doc, pdf, scans, audio, video files to : ybhask. [at] gmail.com.

FREE ENGLISH PDF FILES DOWNLOADS , for the works of ybrao-a-donkey.

1. Download approx. 30 page booklet by ybrao-a-donkey 'Where is Ravana's Lanka'

Where is Ravana's Lanka? Travel and Tourist Operators, Temple preachers, Political parties tell everybody that Ravana's Lanka is in Sri Lanka. But diligent historians like Late Sankalia opined that Ravana's Lanka may be in Chota Nagpur Region of Jharkhand and West Bengal States. Continuing from the research of our 20th Century Historians , this ybrao-a-donkey spent some years searching for Lanka, Ayodhya and Kishkindha in Central India from Mandsour on West to Sirpur, Mahasamund, and Mahanadi Basin in Odisha. This 30 page booklet contains some of the loud thoughts and musings after some mental-self-tortures.

2. http://ayyo.x10.mx/download.php?file=yrmyauj.pdf Study Notes of ybrao-a-donkey, on subjects starting from letter "A" to letter "J". This is a pdf book of 108 pages which can be read with compatible browsers, or can be downloaded and printed on paper. The book contains personal views of ybrao-a-donkey. If anybody feels that his sentiments and beliefs will be hurt byrdgtevwz, I pray them not to read. I respect their views . If any particular view hurts their sentiments and beliefs , I welcome them to write their comments at my blog ramayanayb.blogspot.com, where I have made provision even for anonymous comments , inclusive of harsh criticism. I shall provide them a gentle explanation to their satisfaction .

Review of development/events in Andhra Pradesh State in India.Andhra Pradesh today, review dated 25th December 2020 . This is a 16 page A4 pdf booklet. It contains an unbiased examination developments and events which have taken place in Andhra Pradesh recently. You can read it online if your browser is compatible. Or you can download and print on a printer. Its pages have been imposed. That means you can "center" staple it like an A5 book.

3. India -Current Affairs.Andhra Pradesh today, review dated 25th December 2020 . This is a 16 page-imposed A5 pdf booklet. You can download it, print on A4 paper both side, and center-staple it to make a booklet. You can read it online if your browser is compatible.

4. FREE DOWNLOAD pdf :20 page pdf booklet of ybmuses on Current Affairs of World and India. Dt:14th Feb. 2021 . Includes "auto-complete" phrases starting with "1", which can be used in Geany Text Editor (and similar text editors ) to expan texts for FASTER TYPING ON PC AND LAPTOP KEYBOARDS.

5. FREE DOWNLOAD pdf A3 size pdf booklet on Current Affairs.


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Page 004 Multiple Choice Questions Test on Medical Topics
Page 005 Multiple Choice Questions in English Synonyms and Antonyms
Page 006 MCQ Test No. 9222 Multiple Choice Questions in English , General Awareness, Numerical Ability, Finance and Business
Page 007 MCQ Test No. lrece944 Multiple Choice Questions in General Studies.
Page 008 MCQ Test No. lrec195328 Multiple Choice Questions in General Studies.
Page 009 MCQ Test No. l95655 Multiple Choice Questions in General Studies.
Page 010 MCQ Test No. 992324h Multiple Choice Questions in General Studies.

Page 11Page 11 Blog Archive of ybrao-a-donkey. Subject: Viveka ChUDAmaNi, an 8th Century Sanskrit Book on Indian Philosophy. Literatural Translation of title: Hair Jewel of Wisdom.
Page 012 Vemana Satakam, a 15th Century Telugu Verse Book of 100 Verses
Page 013 Blog Archive of ybrao-a-donkey. A look at World Literature, with MCQ Test.
Page 14 Blog Archive of ybrao-a-donkey about South Indian Vegetarian Cooking.
Page 15 Page 15 Blog Archive of ybrao-a-donkey about reviews of some Veda Verses, particularly Atharvana Veda
Page 16 World Current Affairs Issue No. 71 dt. 12th March 2021, , India Current Affairs, Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs
Page 17 Clarifications and Current Affairs
Page 18 1158 ybmuses about Poetic Glories of 16th Century Telugu Poet Pingali Surana
Page 19 Diary Musings of ybrao-a-donkey, dt. 9th September 2021
Page 20 Notes of ybrao-a-donkey, dated 26th Sept. 2021.
Page 20a Global, Indian and Andhra Prradesh Review dt. 20th October 2021


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